Social Me

Down at the bottom of the page is a small “Social Jeffrey” section with links to various social media (and other ways of contacting me). I use each of these differently; so I thought that I’d explain, leaving it entirely up to you which, if any, works best for you.

The first is a Google Voice number. I redirect this number to whatever other number happens to be most convenient for me to receive at any given time – home, cellphone, etc. Voicemail messages go to my email, which is one of the quickest ways of reaching me.

Email is without a doubt my primary means of communicating across distance, and I use it much more often that I use the phone. Email doesn’t ring and demand attention without regard for what I might be doing. (Communication Directors, Editors, etc. please, feel free to interrupt whatever incredibly pointless nonsense I might be doing whenever you like! Often.)

I don’t use Skype frequently. My phone service (VOIP) is free across North America and cheap for almost the entire world. So rather than talk at my computer, I usually just grab the phone. However, it can be useful while traveling, and I have it when needed.

I started using twitter in the spring of 2009, and while at first I found it odd, I now find it to be an excellent means of quick communication as well as a wonderful community. I mostly follow other photographers, and it seems that most, but not all, of those following me are also photographers. I’m very pleased to have fought my way through the initial oddness.

facebook is where I connect with a lot of friends. I use it differently than twitter; I don’t post my tweets on facebook nor tweet my facebook updates. (By the way, I don’t have a fan page; I’m not even sure of the difference, but the idea of “fans” seems weird to me.) I interact with a lot of my friends on facebook, and some of them are beautifully colorful. So if you don’t know me in person, you might learn more about my personality on facebook – perhaps more than you might want to know. You’ve been warned! :-)

LinkedIn seems to be more popular in Europe, where I used to live and work, than in the US. Many former colleagues have connected with me on LinkedIn, and it seems like a decent platform for keeping track of these colleagues. I don’t interact on LinkedIn. For me it’s just a place where I’ve connected with, mostly, former colleagues. As a result, I might limit my connections there to colleagues, clients, collaborators, etc.

I had never heard of Dopplr when a fellow photographer sent me an invitation. I took a look and saw maps. Maps to me are like vodka to an alcoholic. I love maps. It’s probably pathological. I have no idea whether this will be a useful platform, but I’m giving it a try. Did I mention that there are maps?

This is the RSS feed for this blog. I hear that bookmarking it results in excellent karma, lower blood pressure, improved cognition, two inches to your height, a loss of 7 kilos and can shave five minutes off of your morning commute. Really.

My vCard is rumored to look particularly good in the address books of Communication Directors, Editors, Publishers, Directors of NGOs, etc. All the cool kids are using it.