September 28th, 2015

My blog may have developed a few cobwebs since the last time I updated it 14 months ago, but my suitcase and camera bag definitely haven’t. During that time I’ve been to Turkey, Nepal, Burma/Myanmar, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia (twice), Hong Kong, Qatar, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia, The Bahamas, and completed a Within The Frame in the United States. In addition to all this amazing travel there have been some new things at Within The Frame this year.

In January we launched the Photographic Road Trip Series, and just last week we completed the first of those—Route 66 Within The Frame. Last month we announced the next Road Trip, which is Florida Keys Within The Frame in March.

Then in February we introduced the Portfolio Series with an Adventure this November to Venice lead by David duChemin. Later we announced the second of this series to Jodhpur for next February, which is also being lead by David. (By the way, Portfolio Series: Venice had a cancellation; there is still an opening for a male participant willing to share accommodations.)

In March we announced a Tribe Series Within The Frame to Burma for next January that sold out within minutes to an all WTF alumni group.

In July we announced a new, deeper approach to some destinations where we will linger even longer and immerse ourselves to a greater cultural degree. We call them Experiences, and the first of those are to Amsterdam in April and then Venice in May of next year.

And just last month we announced the first full Within The Frame in mainland South America. That’s next March’s Colombia Within The Frame.

It has been an incredible year so far. Winslow and I have conformed our bodies to Qatar’s economy seats over and over again, and we have had the pleasure of traveling and photographing with some absolutely amazing people, including Nevada Wier and Elizabeth Opalenik, who co-lead Vietnam Within The Frame and Bali Within The Frame with us. We have seen many Within Framers repeat adventures with us, and we have made great friends with some photographers who joined us for the first time. We have even been flattered by others who have blatantly copied us, including in one case a near word-for-word plagiarism of one of our descriptions. I guess when other “leaders” love our adventures and want to do them so much that they copy them that we must be doing something right! :)

I try to remember to create some iPhone photographs to post now and again on Facebook, but quite often I simply don’t remember. The reality is that I’m not much of a social media person these days. That is probably unlikely to change, but I do try to remember to now and again post something.

Below are graphics to some of the new things I’ve mentioned above. Clicking on any will open the respective page on the Within The Frame website. My very-occasional blog is not, however, the best place to keep updated on what is happening at Within The Frame, where I’m headed, etc. The best way of doing that is to sign up for the Within The Frame Newsletter. You can do that by clicking here.

Hope to see you soon—somewhere in this beautiful world of ours!

Warmly, Jeffrey

Florida Keys Within The Frame Photographic Adventure

Portfolio Series: Venice Within The Frame

Portfolio Series: Jodhpur Within The Frame

Tribes of Burma Within The Frame

Experience: Amsterdam Within The Frame

Experience: Venice Within The Frame

Colombia Within The Frame

4 Responses to “Cobwebs”

  1. Eli R. says:

    I have seen your text copied by others, even down to the same hotel.
    I am impressed you can see it as a complement but of course it must mean they admire your work. However, apart from regarding it as theft, i wonder what else they are to lazy to create.
    They can’t exactly copy your person.
    They give the impression they offer the same service.
    When they fake it with the itinerary, what else do they fake.
    Incredibly disrespectful.

  2. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    Definitely disrespectful. Unfortunately, if you put anything on the internet that somebody thinks has value, then somebody will likely steal it. It’s so easy. But they still have to live with themselves. I’m glad that I don’t!

  3. Rosa says:

    Glad to see so many adventures coming up!

  4. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    Rosa, it has been far too long. It’s time to come back and visit your WTF family!

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