Kathmandu Within The Frame
January 15th, 2014

Kathmandu Within The Frame

Perpetually behind in blogging, I’m just now getting the chance to blog about a Within The Frame adventure that was announced in December that is one of my absolute favorites. David duChemin and I brought one of the first Within The Frame groups to Nepal in 2010. We brought another group in 2012, and it remains a place to which I continually long to return. I’m absolutely thrilled to be going back. Some of you might even be clever enough to join Winlsow and me this October. :-)

One of the things that I love about this adventure is that in both Kathmandu and Bhaktapur our hotels are right in the middle of the action. So any time day or night we can wander out of our hotels and literally already be at our destination. The woman lighting butter candles in this photograph was photographed about 20 feet outside the door of our small hotel, which is right on the largest stupa in Nepal in the Boudhanath section of Kathmandu. It’s absolutely brilliant. This is a place where we truly linger and learn to absorb the cultures (both Buddhist and Hindu), which is vital to improving our photography.

Just click on the graphic above to learn more. Or click here.

Between my last post when I was in Oaxaca for Día de los Muertos and this post, I’ve been to Burma (December) and Ethiopia (January for Orthodox Christmas) with two exceptional groups of photographers. Both were incredible WTF adventures, and I shall try to find the time to blog briefly about them. Really, I’ll try. I also celebrated the holidays in the company of people I love. Life is good.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I do often spend some time at the changing of years to reflect on who I am and what I’m doing with, well, who I am. The more I live, the more important people are to me. No matter where I go, I’m continually reminded of the wonder of people. The participants on these Within The Frame adventures start as strangers and quickly become great friends. The locals in the places we visit are strangers with whom we manage to make connections, including smiles and laughter despite not sharing a common language. They are like friends of another dimension. I love what I am blessed to have the opportunity to do. And I love the people with whom I share my life and this world. I hope that you can all say the same.

Cheers, Jeffrey

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  1. Eli R. says:

    I was in Nepal with you guys in 2010 and still long to go back. And I shot some of my best images there and without them I would not have won the POTY award. One of the images was exhibited in Argentina, which is far from Norway. The same large format image is now hanging on the wall in my brother’s office. I confess I was rather proud when he told me he had a visitor in the office that informed him he had seen the image before.

    So anyway. I love the images I got from Nepal and the people were easy to photograph and really friendly, which makes it easier being a photographer! I loved the whole mood of Nepal. My favourite WTF location of the four I’ve been to. My favourite day with the group was the day we were supposed to drive for only three hours… But ended up staying in the bus the whole day until after dark, singing silly songs. Arriving at a hotel with no locks on the doors. A bit scary but woke up the next day, opening the doors looking straight onto the Himalayas. Oh now I still babble away. I love Nepal.

  2. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    That castle/hotel without locks on the doors was pretty awesome, but we no longer make that trip. It was too long. I can only sing so many silly songs. :-) Plus we ended up with a goat in our van. Oh, the memories!

  3. Visiting Nepal has long been a dream of mine. A pilgrimage of sorts for me. And I’ve been eyeing the wonderful itineraries of WTF for a few years now. So finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and signed up for Kathmandu in October. I’m just a bit….EXCITED!

  4. Loren Samuel says:

    October is an amazing time to be in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur! I just recently returned from there myself after working on a local photography project about the Newari people in the region. I long to return there every day and October is the time of the year when they have the most religious festivals and holidays. Within The Frame will be a truly wonderful experience for anyone who joins the adventure.

  5. Navdeep Soni says:

    Kathmandu/Nepal is certainly on my travel list !

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