A Happy Halloween Postcard from Oaxaca
October 31st, 2013

David (duChemin) and I are currently in Oaxaca with a great group of photographers for Oaxaca Within The Frame. It is always such an eminence pleasure to finally meet the photographers with whom I correspond for months before we finally arrive at our destination. We officially began Sunday evening, and we’re having a great time here. I do, however, miss being in the US for Halloween as it’s one of my favorite holidays.

Over the course of the last few days, the streets, courtyards, etc. have been decorated with altars, skeletons, Catrina dolls, etc. The lovely decoration above overlooks us as we eat breakfast each morning. (And, oh, what great breakfasts they are!)

Tonight the festivities really begin, and we’ll be visiting four cemeteries—until around 4am in the morning. The last one we will visit is my favorite; so I’m really looking forward to it (even though I’ll be so tired that I’ll be a bit zombie-ish myself).

Last week we announced a new Within The Frame adventure to Tuscany. I’m a bit late in mentioning it here, but if you didn’t see it when we announced it last week, you can click on the graphic below for more details.

Tuscany Within The Frame

Enjoy your tricking and treating!!!

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  1. Bassem Wahba says:

    Hi! Beautiful! So beautifully captured. Can you please share what location this actually was?

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