Venice Within The Frame (for Carnival!)
May 7th, 2013

I’ve been back “home” from Venice for just 60 hours, but I’m already eager and excited to go back. Venice is just that kind of place. It’s simply that special. The Within The Frame photographic adventures have brought four groups to Venice over the last few years, but next year — perhaps finally — Within The Frame is going for the Carnival of Venice at the end of February and beginning of March, 2014.

Venice Within The Frame will spend the entire week exploring Venice, allowing us to absorb and to experience the majesty of this special place in order to better photograph Venice. This won’t be a rushed tour. We’re going to linger. We’ll photograph the highlights of Venice and incorporate the masked Carnival participants into our photographs. We will also escape the tourists in search of the Venice that continues to thrive through a culture of its own. We will have group time to discuss photography as well as one-on-one assistance to improve our photography. We will enjoy great food, wine, and the discussion of photography, our vision, our craft, etc.

Clicking on the graphic below will open this photographic adventure’s mini-site where you will find the itinerary and details. For additional information or questions, please email me by clicking here.

2 Responses to “Venice Within The Frame (for Carnival!)”

  1. craig krizek says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    My E-mail seems to be malfunctioning…. Hate to do this on your comment area of the web site, but I really would like to sign up for the venice WTF….


  2. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    Hi Craig, I sent you an email. Hopefully, you received it. At any rate, I’ll save a spot for you, while you figure out any email woes. It’ll be great to travel again in Italy with you.

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