Monkey Business
November 8th, 2012

Swayambhu — Kathmandu, Nepal

This morning the Kathmandu Within The Frame group went to Swayambhu (aka, “The Monkey Temple”) in Kathmandu, and I think that these monkeys might have been pissed at Apple. They weren’t bothered at all by my giant Nikon, but when I decided that I’d prefer to use my iPhone to make this photograph they reacted. Maybe they’re Android fans. Or maybe they were actually envious and wanted one for themselves. Maybe they even wanted mine! No idea. I do know, however, that I managed to put my iPhone very close to monkeys and still have it at the end of the experience — certainly not a guarantee (nor something I should recommend).

4 Responses to “Monkey Business”

  1. Catherine says:

    Hmmm Jeffery, the monkeys reaction wouldn’t be anything to do with putting an iPhone in their faces could it? Stay safe..the last thing we want is you in the hospital having a bunch of rabies shots because you were bitten by a monkey.. Looking forward to lots more photos! C

  2. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    The iPhone isn’t also an iShield? :-) Seriously, I’m careful. I kept a distance of well over a millimeter. Maybe even two. Joking aside, it was at least three! :-)

  3. CJ Kern says:

    Have a great trip Jeffrey! Hope you remembered to pack ear plugs…

  4. Ekta Saran says:

    Ahem…from experience, Ive had a burger and my juicebox snatched from my hands from a monkey. I was 8. And lets just say my parents didnt quite buy that story.

    You pulling that off is a miracle to me. (But keep looking over your shoulder…..youve been warned)

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