Liguria WTF & Venice WTF
October 9th, 2012

For the forth consecutive year, David duChemin and I will be returning to Italy for two of our favorite Within The Frame adventures. We can’t promise that we’ll do these two adventures every year, but we love both of them so much that we’re definitely going back in April/May 2013.

Each of these are one-week long photographic adventures. Liguria Within The Frame will begin in Genova and then visit both the famous Cinque Terre and the less-famous but WTF participant-favorite area of Camogli (and Portofino). Venice Within The Frame will spend the entire week exploring Venice, allowing us to linger and absorb the majesty of that special place. Neither of these are rushed tours, and they’re not traveling classrooms. We won’t be telling you where to place your tripods and at what to point them. David and I will work organically and one-on-one with participants. Then we’ll all gather for image discussions, meals, glasses of wine, and/or maybe cups of espresso to discuss photography, our vision, our craft, etc.

Clicking on either of the adventure graphics below will open that photographic adventure’s mini-site where you’ll find the itinerary and details. For additional information or questions, email David and me by clicking here.

Liguria Within The Frame

Venice Within The Frame

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    Beautiful photography!

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