iPhone Postcard from Venice
May 9th, 2012

Venice Contemplation

We’re at the halfway point for this year’s Venice Within The Frame adventure, and we’re having a brilliant time — lots of photography and photographic discussion. I know that the WTF alumni might find it difficult to believe (insert sarcasm alert), but there has also been a lot of laughter, camaraderie, great food, and, yes, a reasonable quantity of wine (as well as a tasty camomile grappa last night). For those from past WTF adventures here in Venice, we’ve not changed our dining location! :-)

For the last few days I’ve been playing around with creating and editing photographs on just my iPhone. They’re not meant to compete with what I can do with my DSLR. They’re mainly just for fun and for personal pleasure. And I have gotten a lot of pleasure with just playing around with simple photographs to share with the iPhone. It can be liberating to just concentrate on creating something within such simple constraints.

The America’s Cup yachts have been arriving in Venice, and while taking vaporetti further afield it’s possible to see them under sail in the lagoon. We’re off to Burano this afternoon; so perhaps we’ll see these sailboats that can cost more than a small country out on the water.

On a personal note, people have commented that it’s been quiet around this blog recently. Indeed it has. Sorry about that. I’ve been pretty busy. It’ll be quiet for a short time longer, and then the crickets might begin to sing more often.

Cheers, J.

6 Responses to “iPhone Postcard from Venice”

  1. Marjan L says:

    It’s better to be quiet, Jeffrey, so we don’t read about all the good stuff we’re missing :)

  2. Stefan de Jong says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Good to see you’re enjoying in Venice and yes, having learning you also last week I know the “eveningprograms” in the restaurants are great.

    Nice what you can do with an iPhone and you know I love frames from small streets and people in it.

    Have fun the last days and say hello to the oldies from last week :-)

    Gr Stefan

  3. leonie wise says:

    I always figure that, when things are quiet it’s because you don’t have anything to say. Or that you’re so busy living life and having fun in the real world, there’s no time for posting in internetlands. Both these thoughts make me happy.

    But, seeing you writing here again makes me happy too!

    And I totally don’t believe how much fun you’re having. Not a word of it ;)
    Safe and happy travels Jeffrey

  4. Melissa Reed says:

    Finally a blog post from you! :) I miss Italy – and our group – hope you are having an awesome time in Venice – I miss Camogli! I have a picture from there as my wallpaper so I can look at it when I need a break from all the work that piled up in my absence! Secret Squirell (I mean Squirrel!) misses everyone! :)

  5. Eli R. says:

    Hahaha! Was good to see you again – hope we didn’t TOTALLY stress you out :-)

  6. Andrée says:

    Nice one, Jeffrey! I loved using my iPhone camera in Italy last year and, somehow, that’s how I made most of my favourite images from that trip. And your post is another reminder of all the reasons I still miss Italy :)

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