Italy Redux for Spring 2012 Within The Frame
August 24th, 2011

To say that things didn’t go exactly as hoped with the spring 2011 Within The Frame photographic adventures in Italy that David duChemin and I lead would be an understatement. My mother unexpectedly passed away on day two of Liguria Within The Frame. Then five days later, David fell from a 30-foot, river-bank wall on day one of Tuscany Within The Frame (and was subsequently medically evacuated back to Canada in a Learjet ambulance). With David in a hospital back in Canada and me back in the US for my mother’s memorial service, Venice Within The Frame was cancelled. So David and I feel that we need to return—at least to Liguria and Venice. (David’s not ready to revisit Tuscany just yet.)

Each of these are one-week long photographic adventures. Liguria Within The Frame will begin in Genoa and then visit both the famous Cinque Terre and the less-famous but WTF participant-favorite Camogli. Venice Within The Frame will spend the entire week exploring Venice, allowing us to linger and absorb the majesty of this special place. Neither of these are rushed tours, and we won’t be telling you where to setup your tripods and at what to point them. There is not a single template for learning, and everybody is on a personal photographic learning curve; so rather than classroom exercises, we’ll work organically and one-on-one with participants. We’ll all gather for image reviews and meals to discuss photography, our vision, our craft, etc.

Clicking on either of the adventure graphics below will open that photographic adventure’s mini-site where you’ll find the itinerary and details. For additional information or questions, email David and me by clicking here.

PS — We still have one spot available for Maasai Mara Within The Frame.

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  2. I say that I get to go as the team’s personal paramedic this time for precaution.

  3. Just learned about these trips, they sound wonderful! I look forward to participating in the future!

  4. Melissa Reed says:

    I CAN NOT wait to participate in Liguaria! Woo hoo!

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