Maasai Mara Within The Frame
June 24th, 2011

Maasai Mara Within The Frame

David duChemin and I have never worked so hard to put together one of our Within The Frame photographic adventures as we have with this one. It’s literally been (four) months in the making as we made sure that every single aspect of it was perfect. This is not about just seeing Africa; this one is about feeling Africa.

We have searched for the right camps and then made sure that we were lingering longer than anybody thought we should. We have no intentions of rushing this experience. Africa is not about rushing, and this adventure is not about seeing a lion, photographing it and rushing home. That’s not how we choose to do this. We want to immerse ourselves into the aura of Africa. We want to feel the Maasai Mara in our souls when we reach for our cameras to capture our vision in photographs.

For those who wish to continue their Kenyan experience after Maasai Mara Within The Frame, we are offering an optional extension to the island of Lamu. This will be a completely different experience for those who have the time and interest. Lamu, a World Heritage site, is Kenya’s oldest living town and Swahili gem. We might even decide to go sailing in a dhow!

For more information on Maasai Mara Within The Frame (but only if you truly have the passion for the allure and aura of Africa) click here.

PS – We still have two spots available for Lalibela Within The Frame. Who’s to say that you shouldn’t consider doing them both? David and I will be doing exactly that; can’t wait! For more information on Lalibela Within The Frame click here.

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