David’s Fall To Grace
April 24th, 2011

While preparing to photograph along the river in Pisa, David duChemin fell what looks to be about ten meters onto hard concrete. He then rolled two thirds of the way along the concrete and nearly into the river. Looking over the wall to see him splayed out on the concrete far below was one of the scariest moments of my life. I honestly didn’t know if I would find him alive. I looked for steps down but couldn’t find any. I ran into the hotel to see if somebody had called an ambulance, and Wendy, one of the Tuscany Within The Frame participants, was already doing the same. The receptionist told me that the closest steps were 600-700 meters downriver. Those were a long and frustrating 600-700 meters, and then, of course, the same 600-700 meters back to him. (NB: it hurts one’s shins to run in Blundstones on concrete. A lot.) I found David in excruciating pain and going into shock. I’m really not sure which of the two of us was the more terrified. A young guy from Bangladesh, who had also come down, and I put our jackets on David to provide him with a little bit of heat–plus my bag and a scarf under his head to keep it off the cold concrete.

When the ambulance arrived they decided that it would be easier and quicker to attach a stretcher to a cherry picker and lower it with two (or maybe it was three) EMTs. They, the Bangladesh guy and I worked to get David situated and secured in the stretcher to be lifted up to the waiting ambulance (for my first ride in an ambulance), while hundreds if not more than a thousand looked on from above. Naturally, David chose a spot that seems to be party-central on a Saturday night. Lots of people. There are photos of all of this that I’m sure you will see within the next day or two. In fact, David was imploring me to take photos. I didn’t but others did. They kindly asked whether David would want to see them or not wish to have them. Of course, David wanted them. That’s David! He and I looked at Knut’s photos this afternoon, and, well, it also looks pretty frightening in pixels.

He is now in the trauma center of the local hospital. He has multiple fractures in his feet, hip and hand. The EMTs and doctor say that he’s lucky to be alive. He’s going to need surgery and a lot of time to recover. Corwin and I (mostly Corwin) are working to get him medically evacuated back to Canada as we think that he’ll be more comfortable there. Some hospital staff here speak a bit of English, and, of course, I interpret for him; however, he’ll be more comfortable where he can fully understand everything and have his family near him.

David is in a lot of pain, but he hasn’t lost his winning spirit, optimism and grace. When called by a friend who asked how he was doing, he mustered the strength to respond “living the dream man; living the dream.” Soon enough I suspect that he will be. And I can’t wait!

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  1. Ouch.. Thanks for the news Jeffrey, best wishes to David..

  2. Glad the fall didn’t break his spirit! Get well soon David, can’t wait to see you back out there!

  3. Emma Blee says:

    Thanks for the update Jeffrey – please pass on my best wishes to David …. I’m guessing there was a “moment” or two in the photos taken last night.

  4. Ellie E. says:

    Thank you Jeffrey for sharing – and prayers for David during this difficult time. Speedy recovery David – we are all thinking of you!

  5. Cindi says:

    My prayers are with David. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  6. Shivakumar says:

    I really hope he recovers soon. Really doesnt sound good to my ears :(
    Please wish him speedy recovery from our side.


  7. Man, that is absolutely awful! Insane! We photographers do some crazy stuff to get the shot, but damn… speechless. I hope that David makes a full recovery soon (well as soon as physically possible). Certainly sending him some positive energy, my thoughts are with him.

  8. Per-Christian Nilssen says:

    David, that could have gone much worse! We’re grateful that you survived, and wish you a speedy recovery. You’re welcome to Norway any time.

  9. Martin B. says:

    I hope all is well again soon. The best wishes to David.

  10. Jeff says:

    The paamedic in me should have been there, i wish i could have been there. Give him my best.

  11. Ray K says:

    Got you both in my thoughts Jeffery.

  12. Amie says:

    Damn! I am so so sorry to hear that. :(

  13. liisa hannus says:

    A frightening experience for all of you. Glad to hear David’s keeping up his spirits and humour. Sending healing energy to him.

  14. Trudy says:

    I am so saddened to hear this. I really hope that he will recover soon. I really enjoy his work and not just the visuals but his perspective on life and photography themselves. Sorry that you all are going through this and I wish him the best.

  15. Chris Plante says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeffrey. His family, friends, and fans were very concerned over the horrible news. It must of been absolutely terrifying experience for all involved, especially, David. Glad to know he is stable in good spirits.

    I know it seems wrong to photograph somebody in pain but David did want it. Perhaps, he wanted to document this significant event in his life.

  16. Matt Connors says:

    Thanks for information on what happened. I’m glad to hear David’s ok. A harrowing experience no doubt.

  17. Crazy! I hope David recovers soon and he goes back to do what he is best, Filling us up with positive energy! All the best for you and David!

  18. I’m so sorry to hear this and wish David a swift and full recovery. Sending positive thoughts his way; his images and teachings are such an inspiration to so many of us. Look forward to hearing that he is back to 100% soon.

  19. Rosa says:

    Get well soon David. Good to know you keep the good spirit.
    Take care Jeffrey.

  20. Rob says:

    Sorry to hear this but glad David is relatively okay. David – Keep up the spirits….. Jeff – now to the critical question – Did he get the shot? :-)

  21. angela says:

    wow. just wow.
    glad to hear you guys acted so quickly and that he is being taken care of.

  22. So glad he’s ok. Praying for him and all of you guys.


  23. [...] Read all about it from Jeffrey Chapman’s blog here. [...]

  24. Yves says:

    Thank god he is alive.
    Get well soon my friend.

  25. Let David know that I’m praying for him.


  26. Mike Todd says:

    Thanks for the update… let him know the Delta House crew is thinking of him.

  27. Sorry to hear about David’s accident. Thanks for letting us know, hope he gets home soon and makes a full recovery

  28. “…because it may break my bones, but it will not break my spirit!”

    So sorry to hear the news about David, i’m sure however that the shot he was after was worth it.

    Here is wishing a speedy and full recovery, and big thank you to his friends who are looking after him in these hard times.

  29. John McGregor says:

    Best wishes for a good recovery David.

  30. Hope that David get well soon. All the best for both. Good and positive energy from Barcelona.

  31. Mark Olwick says:

    Wow, what an incredibly scary ordeal! I’m glad you were there to assist and I wish him a speedy recovery.


  32. So painful to read this! Get well soon my friend! and Jeffrey, thank for keep us posted.

  33. Enis Yucel says:

    Thanks for the information Jeffrey. It is good to hear he is Ok but very terrifying to hear this kind of bad news. Hope he recovers quickly… This accident he experienced and the difficulty he had and the sacrifice he had for his craft will no doubt take place in his “about david” part…

  34. Lisa O says:

    My thoughts are with you and David during this trying time.

  35. Leonie says:

    Wowzers. What a mishap! Glad he wasn’t alone and you lot were there to help with the rescue. Wishing David a speedy recovery and hoping you get a swift evac to Canada.

  36. Marjan Leeuwesteijn says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeffrey. It’s a scary story!! Please wish David all the best from me. For you it was also a frightening experience, so take care!

  37. Nate Parker says:

    I’ve been reading David’s blog for a year now and I’m shocked to hear this report, it sucks when bad things have to happen. His latest post was Choose Your Risk- crazy coincidence, just this morning my gf was berating me for not saying where I was going to photo, thereby taking a risk, how do I tell her about this!

  38. Robert Green says:

    That sounds like a very frightening moment for you all (including the man from Bangladesh). I hope he recovers quickly and get backs to taking great photos soon. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

  39. Jeremy Verinsky says:

    It seems like just a few ago that I met David in San Francisco. I hope he has a speedy recovery. It seems ironic that he was just writing about how short life is and the need to seize every moment. Get out there and risk, David. Our hearts are with you…

  40. Henry Lee says:

    Jeffrey, thank you for taking the time to write and let everyone know David is okay and recovering. Please pass along our best wishes and a good trip back home to Canada.

  41. Heber Vega says:

    Thanks Jeffrey for sharing more info about David’s condition. Praying for him but also for all you guys.

  42. Please tell David we are praying for him to recover and that he will be given grace for the road ahead.
    God Bless

  43. André Joanisse says:

    Jeffrey, thanks for the update. Pass on our best wishes to David and thoughts will be with him.

  44. Jilske says:

    Sounds like he’s lucky to be alive and that you guys were there to help him. Scary how little accidents can happen so quickly. Wish him all the best, cute nurses and happy drugs ;)
    You know, if it would have been worse, I can’t help but think D. would have died, loving what he’s doing. Maybe a satisfied mind is what cushioned his fall.

  45. Both good and bad news. Hard to believe or fully understand the height of the fall but pleased to hear that a good recovery is in order.

  46. Rick says:

    Prayin’ for a quick recovery and full healing…

  47. Andree Lawrey says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeffrey. That sounds terrifying. Please give David my best wishes and take care yourself!

  48. Lou says:

    Thanks for this update. Holy cow, scary.

    David, very glad to know you’re alive after this fall, and also glad to know your humor is intact. Mend well. Prayers and blessings sent your way.

  49. jessica says:

    glad he is ok- praying for safety all around!

  50. Thanks for sharing Jeffrey. Soo sorry to hear this happened but happy to hear there is a recovery path for David. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you all.

  51. Dane Sanders says:

    Thinking and praying for my friend right now.

  52. Christen says:

    thanks for sharing. praying.

  53. Praying for a speedy recovery! What a guy, living the dream indeed. He has a strong spirit and will sail through this with flying colours! Take good care of him there, and bring him home. So happy to hear he will be ok.

  54. Beau Hause says:

    David, I am so sorry you got hurt. You are an awesome guy and photographer, and I respect you very much. Your kindness and sharing with others is an inspiration to many of us. Get well and God bless, I’m praying for you tonight.

  55. So Sad!
    Wishing him a quick recovery!

  56. kettlepot says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, David!

  57. Megan Lorenz says:

    David: My thoughts are going out to you. Hope you get home soon and can recover with family around you. You are totally hard-core…I’ve always said “anything to get the shot” but you’ve taken that a bit too far this time ;)

  58. This is terrible news. I hope he’s on his way to a speedy recovery!

  59. Steven Payne says:

    Glad you were there Jeffrey to help so quickly. Thanks for providing the news and a bit of humor, too. My best to David.

  60. mike wood says:

    Heard about this through Creative Live who RT’d it. Holy. Hope he is OK. That doesn’t sound good at all. Will send good thoughts his way.

  61. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  62. Suzanne Offner says:

    I’ll be praying for David’s recovery. Hope you’re able to get him home to Canada. Best to recover with family at your side.

  63. Maya says:

    I read this is tears. How horrible for David, and for you Jeffrey. Thankfully you were there, and able to be of comfort in a time when he needed a friend. Beams of love and healing from Perth, Australia.

  64. Thanks for this account, Jeffrey. I was quite concerned when I heard the news this morning and I’ve been praying for him. Hard to believe when I was just laughing and talking with him over drinks just a couple weeks ago.

  65. Gilbert Ho says:

    Thanks for posting this and please send David our regards. I’ll be praying for his recovery.

  66. Lorraine says:

    Such terrifying mental images– I hope his recovery is complete and faster than anyone would predict, too. This reminds me– I need to make sure I have bought every last e-book he’s published– they are so good, and such good value– think of each purchase as a Get Well card!

  67. Steve says:

    You are a good friend. I pray he’ll come out of this alright.

  68. Marshall says:

    I just heard the news. Wow. So glad that he is getting treatment and will be flying home soon.

  69. Firgs says:

    Jeff, I can’t believe this. I read this with my heart in my throat. I so wanted to be on that trip with you both. I am VERY thankful that it sounds as if David is going to be ok! Thank you so much for posting. PRAYERS START IMMEDIATELY!!

    Please tell David that he is a hero to me for “living the dream” and please send him all of my love. When he gets well, this is going to make one hell of a book!!!!

    Much love to you both! xoxoxo


  70. Sharon says:

    I wish David a very speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with him.

  71. Glad he survived, and survived in tact. Sending prayers from the states for him, his family/friends, medical bills, and that this time off will be a blessing.

  72. Aloha says:

    Thanks for the report and especially for letting us know that David’s spirit isn’t as bruised as his body must be. I really enjoy his inspired writing and hope he is back behind the viewfinder in no time.

  73. A.J. Wood says:

    Prayers to David for a complete recovery. His work is an inspiration to photographers everywhere.

    - A.J.

  74. Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear about this, but glad to hear that he seems to be in good spirits. Praying for him making it back to Canada and a speedy recovery.

  75. Cristal Grossnicklaus says:

    OHMYGOSH.. how awful.. so glad he is ok and that he is getting treatment! bless you all!!!! prayers all around!!!

  76. So sorry to hear of this terrifying experience. Poor David!! I hope he has a speedy recovery. David’s sence of humor is far to precious to be lost.

  77. [...] doing OK so far (though he is going to have to have some surgery). The post from Jeffrey is right here. We all wish David a very speedy and complete 100% recovery and my prayers are with [...]

  78. Gary Voland says:

    Grateful he’s still alive. Get well soon, David!

  79. Good grief! I am so sorry for his accident and am hoping and praying that he has a speedy recovery. Wishing him the best! Thanks for keeping us, his fans, updated.

  80. Very sorry to hear this. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

  81. Dave Vernon says:

    Holy crap. Just read this on Scott Kelby’s blog and my jaw hit the desk. Sorry to hear about David although it sounds like his indomitable spirit will save the day – along with the docs and the rest. We were graced to spend a couple days with David in Peoria, IL a few weeks ago and we sincerely wish him the best on his recovery…

  82. Sheila Rose says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with David. David is an awesome photographer, fantastic person. I hope he recovers quickly and completely.

    Please post if there is anything we can do to help.

  83. [...] // Just some news if you're not a "twitter-er". David DuChemin (author of "Within the Frame" et al) is seriously injured in a fall in Pisa, Italy. He's not only an outstanding photographer and author, but a very compassionate human. More info here: David's Fall to Grace [...]

  84. Daniel says:

    Get well soon David! Will you’ve coming back to Vancouver or Toronto?

  85. Get well soon David! Our thoughts are with you.

  86. I’ll definitely be praying for David.

  87. Jason says:

    I was shocked when I read this at Sk’s blog – quickly followed the link over. My thoughts and prayers are with David and you all…God speed for a safe and healthy recovery!

    Please give David my very best

  88. hope everything is ok
    get well sooooon

  89. Ken Dickson says:

    Thoughts are with you all. Hope David gets home swiftly and begins recovery. Remember positivity counts well towards recuperation

  90. Ken Toney says:

    Jeffrey, please let David know we are all praying for his recovery and return to what we know he loves.

  91. darcy says:

    David is an icon. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

  92. chase jarvis says:

    thoughts are with you, brother david!! we are all pulling for a speedy and full recovery. and thanks for the play by play account of it all, jeffrey.

  93. Damien says:

    We love you David. Thank God you survived this tragic fall and I know you’ll be back on your journey as soon as you’re well.

  94. Sabrina says:

    I pray for you and hope you’ll recover very soon from this terrible accident.

  95. Ken Tamayo says:

    OMG! Its good to know that he’s okay, David’s one of the most inspiring authors and photographers that I’ve ever read. I’ll do my part in orayinf for his speedy recovery.

  96. Miko says:

    Thoughts and wishes are with you, David. Very glad you had good people with you!

    Jeffery, thanks for the update; thoughts and wishes coming at you too – I can’t imagine how shaken you must have been. Best of luck arranging the med-vac back to Canada.

  97. Jonathan says:

    Get well soon David, I’m sure Canada will have you up and about soon. I guess it gives new meaning to what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Can’t wait to here from you when you feel up to it. You’ve been such an inspiration to so many. Prayers for your recovery.


  98. Sam Figueroa says:

    That’s a terrifying read. David and his work has been a real game changer for me. So glad he survived that fall.

    David, take your time to recover well, we’ll all keep your spot free to return to the community.

  99. J says:

    Shit…it’s not the news I wanted to hear when I woke up…

    Thank you for your update Jeffrey, glad he was surrounded by people like you to help him.


  100. shoeless_LindaB says:

    If knowing people care helps the healing process, then David should be feeling better already… Godspeed!

  101. David Kelly says:

    Wow, a real shock to read such news. Wishing David a full and speedy recovery.

  102. Rich Cave says:

    Hope, everything goes alright for him, Chase Jarvis brought my attention to this, there are a lot of people pulling for you,


  103. Best wishes to David. My your recovery be fast and quick. Hearts and thoughts will be with you. Thanks Jeffery for the info. I can only imagine what it has been like for you. Take care of yourself too.

  104. Paul Kalich says:

    Here is a general pic of the riverbank http://0.tqn.com/d/goitaly/1/7/U/9/-/-/pisa-pictures-2.jpg I guess he must have leaned over to far and just lost his balance or a car came by to close and scared him. I really hope that he recovers fully from this, this is one reason even in a city it is a good idea to have a second person with you when you shoot. I wonder if the hospital food in Italy is any better than in US/Canada? He probably will be in Italy for a few days before flying with those types of injuries since Medical Transport would cost a fortune.

  105. Nir Alon says:

    Wishing for a full and quick recovery!

  106. Paul says:

    What a shock to read this… After reading David’s books and articles and watching his podcasts, I feel like I KNOW him personally and that a close friend just got injured. David, may the Lord heal you QUICKLY.

    Jeff, thank you for such a detailed account. Going through it must have been quite difficult.

  107. David,
    I will pray for your fast recovery my brotha.

  108. Wow, my thoughts and prayers are with him.

  109. I am lucky that that David is alive! I am lucky that he wasn´t alone in the moment he hit down and isn´t alone in his situation!

    Just read his post about taking risks. Knowing that David is humorous I say this: Obviously he took a little bit to much of risk ;-) and was not any more on the positive side of the egde and working on the cutting edge but a cm to far foreward and rear of the edge and the job hazard struck. I outgess a post about this liminal experience.

    Knowing that David is optimistic I outgess in confidence that he will work on his speedy recovery. Please, Jeffrey, pass my greetings. Hope that his pain will disapear rapidly. Hope that his hand, hip and feet soon will work like he is used to. Hope he can continue his journey. Outgess that David will take this crash as a part of his journey.

    Jeffrey, I hope and I outgess you will manage your situation well with the within-the-frame-participants!

    Cheers, Jens

  110. Paul Stokes says:

    Get well soon David!

  111. AfA says:

    Wish him a speedy recovery!

  112. Ron Carroll says:

    Please pass along my best wishes for a quick recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with David.

  113. Paul Maycock says:

    Both Claire and I wish David a speedy recovery and a safe return to Canada and his family.

  114. Stephen Durkin says:

    David, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

  115. Navdeep says:

    This is bad !!!

  116. Mark says:

    Speedy recovery mate….

  117. First of all I do wish you, David, the best medical treatment possible in order to recover completely and as soon as possible. I do hope that the pain is bearable and will get less quickly.
    These are really bad news and it must have been shocking for the two of you – I do know this very well. As John Lennon had said once: “Life is what happens, when you are busy on planning your future differently.” That’s so true! So often life happens within a second – a second, that might change everything. And although it is very hard to understand that at the moment happening, after some time one might discover a sense in anything that happened. One can learn s.th. from any situation, even if one hadn’t planned it or ever thought it might happen to oneself. It takes a lot of time sometimes, but one might learn to regard even bad events as s.th. helping oneself in life. So don’t give up living your dream – it is just waiting for you still and think about little Jessie, definitely mourning now as well and hoping that the two of you will be back on the road as soon as anyhow possible.
    Keeping my thumbs pressed and sending you many positive thoughts and energy for your recovery, David, and a lot of comfort for you, Jeffrey as well, having experienced such a shocking event while the two of you had completely other plans.
    All the best to the two of you, coming by heart
    Ann-Lisa from http://www.photoakademie.eu

  118. Janet Taylor says:

    All the best to David for a quick and full recovery.

  119. Beate Dalbec says:

    How awful! Please give David my best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  120. David, I wish you hold to your camera and recover soon.

  121. ekkinox says:

    Come back soon…we all need you

  122. Christine says:

    Guys, how many times must you be told to not got out without your capes?

    So sorry to hear about this. All my wishes for David’s speedy and comfortable recovery.

    For what it’s worth I thought it was sort of cool that after the initial horror my first coherent thought about the aftermath of this awful event was “Just wait, David’s going to use it to profoundly illustrate some important concept about living wholly in the moment, or maybe how to take travel photos like an adventure photographer.” Even if the lesson begins with “Don’t do what I did.” You both are an inspiration to many.

    Till then, hugs and positive thoughts from here.

  123. Paul C says:

    David, get better soon sir. The road is calling you and Jessie.

  124. Jim Bullard says:

    Oh no! Terrible news. I’ll be sending prayers for a speedy and full recovery. It’s amazing that he could still have a positive attitude in the midst of that much pain.

  125. Chris Dion says:

    Best of luck David have a quick recovery and the world will be awaiting your return!

  126. pk says:


    Terrible news. Wish you a speedy and full recovery so you can get back to living your dream.


  127. Carl Licari says:

    Horrible news… Hang in there David. Hoping for a speedy recovery. If you need any assistance with transportation back home let me know. I work for American Airlines in SOC and will do what I can.

  128. Dirk McSachse says:

    I hope David recovers quickly and he gets back on the road!

    I also sacrificed a lamb for him!

  129. Michael Montalto says:

    Keep living the dream David! Peace & God be with you.

  130. Dale Janzen says:

    What a shock to hear this news! Wonderful though, to hear his sense of the moment, despite the traumatic experience. Especially poignant after his last blog post (April 20), ‘Choose Your Risk’. My thoughts and prayers are with David for a full and speedy recovery.

  131. What a terrible accident! I hope every day David feels a bit better than the day before.

  132. Laurie LeBlanc says:

    Prayers and well wishes for David and a speedy recovery. Glad to hear he is keeping his spirits up despite the pain and broken bones. Thank you for the update, Jeffrey.

  133. Buz says:

    Coincidentally, I had just read your last blog post, “Choose Your Risk” Although this is bad, I didn’t read of any organ injuries. I hope that is the case. I wish you a speedy, smooth and complete recovery.

  134. johnwaire says:

    holy smokes! …wishing the best for a full recovery.

  135. Erin Wilson says:

    Boy, if love could fix it, you wouldn’t need surgery! Praying for you David. Peace…

  136. cat says:

    Thankful to hear David will recover! Praying for a speedy one.

  137. Best wishes for a speedy recovery David – awful news to hear, but glad it wasn’t more serious.

  138. My goodness, this was scary to read — I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have felt for David, or for you Jeffrey, and those who watched it happen. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. David, I’m praying for a full, fast, and smooth recovery! :)

  139. Gil Feliciano says:

    Thanks for letting the world know Jeff. Feel kinda wierd saying it, but David’s my first photography hero and that makes hearing about his fall very difficult to hear. I pray for his physical recovery as well as his emotional strength to find hope and dash any doubt he may have about “getting back to good.”

    Godspeed David… “I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)

  140. My thoughts and prayers are you with you David. Thank goodness for you Jeffrey! Who knows how this would have been without you there.

  141. Wishing you a speedy recovery David, my prayers are with you. Thank God Jeffrey you were there with him at the time. Another reminder to all of us that having a shooting buddy can not only be fun but a lifesaver.

  142. Katrin says:

    Dear David,

    You are such an inspiration to so many and we are all hoping & praying for your speedy and full recovery!


  143. Ron says:

    Thanks for sharing the news, Jeffrey–this must have been hard to write. Life is fragile and photography matters all the more because it snatches precious moments from the ever-moving torrent of time. I will pray for David’s swift and complete recovery.

  144. Zack Arias says:

    Freaking out here. Please keep us updated. Please let David know we are praying for him and we are here to help with anything he may need.


  145. Mike K. says:

    I wish David get well and hope he gets home safe and sound. Who said photography isn’t dangerous. To everyone else be careful out there.

  146. Matt Brandon says:

    Jeffrey Just heard! I am in Kathmandu and finally got a connection. Saw your post and was horrified! Please tell him that I am praying for him and for his recovery. Please keep us posted and drop me a line how I can help.


  147. z. lynn says:

    Please let David know that he is in my prayers, hoping for a quick recovery.

    Best wishes,

  148. Thank you for taking the time to keep people informed. Echoing dozens of others when I say he’s in my thoughts and prayers today. Prayers of strength for you as well, Jeffrey.

  149. ryan snider says:

    Wow! So sorry to hear this. David’s “living the dream” comment doesn’t surprise me at all though. Praying for a quick recovery…

  150. Jennifer grant says:

    Much love and prayers to David and his family. Thanks for keeping the community updated Jeff. I was shocked to hear the news and am so grateful that you were there along with many others to help this from being a bigger tragedy. I can only imagine how grateful David is to be alive after such a harrowing event! Much love to all of you. David-rest up! Know that we are all pulling for a speedy recovery. :)

  151. Tim Humble says:

    Jeffrey, so glad that, while horrifying and scary, this wasn’t as bad as it could have been. The world would be all the poorer without David. While we are yet to meet in person, I’ve come to know him as a fine human being with a huge heart. Please keep us posted and give David my regards. Praying for much fortitude and peace as he begins the process of recovery.

    Let me know if I can help in any way.

  152. Oh, man, that sounds awful. Glad to hear the prognosis is good, even though the recovery may be long. Stay strong, brother, and think of the great stories you’ll have to tell. Living the Dream, indeed.

  153. Thank you for sharing. Really sorry to hear about this David but I’m really glad you are ok. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care


  154. Carson says:

    Yikes. I hope David can feel from us some of the inspiration he has so generously shared with all of us, I’ll be praying and pulling for him. Thanks for the update.

  155. Debbie Carlton says:

    Thank you Jeffrey, you are a true hero, had it not been for your quick action David may not be here today, for that everyone will be eternally grateful. Please let David know that our thoughts and prayers are with him for speedy recovery and anything he needs help with is his for the asking. We are here to support him in any way we can. Take care David you continue to inspire us all.

  156. Best of wishes and a speedy recovery for David. He will be in my payers…

  157. CJ Kern says:

    WOW! So sorry to hear of David’s fall. I’m glad he will be okay. I’ll be sending good thoughts his way. He’s lucky to have friends like you with him now…

  158. BigFernowski says:

    Wow, so sorry to hear that! On the bright side, it certainly looks like a narrow escape from a much worse outcome. Get well soon, David!

  159. Mike Lao says:

    my prayers go out to david. wishing him a speedy recovery.

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  161. Nikki says:

    I am so sorry to hear of this horrible accident. Just shows you how precious life is. Prayers and thoughts going out to David.

  162. John Cowie says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you David.

  163. AlanB says:

    Just incredible… Best wishes to David for a full and rapid recovery!!!

  164. Dan Fisher says:

    Feel better, rest, and let your body take over.

  165. Jeff says:

    Not good news here. I hope for a speedy and full recovery. I also hope David gets home quickly. Familiar territory always makes things a little better.

  166. The best wishes to David, I hope you recovery soon.

  167. Ben Chase says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery David.

  168. Vivian Vivas says:

    I hope he recovers soon. Best wishes!!!

  169. I wish you a quick recovery, David!!!

  170. Mario Mattei says:

    It hurts just to read this… I’m confident that if David had to go back and choose a life of adventure or a life at home, knowing this might happen, he’d still choose to take the risk and “live the life.” And that’s why we all love him :)

    I’m really praying for a speedy and graceful recovery and that the downtime has a way of being fruitful.

  171. What a horrible turn of events. My best wishes to David for a speedy recovery.

  172. Karla Pitts says:

    Thank you for letting us know about David. Praying for his well being, and looking forward to hearing from him again, soon!

  173. [...] David duChemin, takes a fall, many broken bones. Read about the fall here. [...]

  174. Thank you for this lovely post Jeffrey. He is fortunate to have such a good friend. Give him my wishes for a speedy recovery and renewed spirit to enjoy his journeys.

  175. vilma says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you David.

  176. Thanks for this post… horrible news. We all hope David gets back to amazing form soon.

  177. Gavin Gough says:

    Horrible to hear this news about David. Jeffrey, please send him my very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Gavin.

  178. Absolutely frightening… hope he recovers soon

  179. Jeffrey, thank you for your post. @ David: Get well soon. Wish you the best.

  180. [...] while friends arrange to have him medically evacuated back to Canada. Jeffrey Chapman has written a first hand account of the accident on his blog.  Posted in Photo NewsLeave a Reply Cancel [...]

  181. Life is precious. Praying for David to fully recover!

  182. Jorgemike says:

    David is in my prayers. God knows we need David around us, we need teachers that help us go beyond the craft. Get well soon David. Thanks Jeffrey for this update.

  183. JW Stovall says:

    Thanks for sharing this unfortunate news, and for helping David. You both are in my prayers.

  184. Matt Welsh says:

    That is horrible. Please pass along our wishes for a speedy recovery.

  185. John Arnold says:

    Sounds incredibly scary and painful. Wishing David a speedy recovery and a safe return home.

  186. Sorry for David, but the most important thing was missing from the story: how is his camera equipment?

    Also, how did David come to fall? Did he get too close to the edge and slip?

    Best wishes and prayers,
    Terry Thomas…
    the photographer

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  188. Roberto says:

    I am so sorry for David. Hope for a quick recovery and for a better memories of Italy…. !

  189. Dhaval Jani says:

    Great photographer and author. I pray for David to get well soon!

  190. Robyn says:

    I am so sorry that David got hurt but I am very happy to hear that he is ok and that he still has his sense of humor. I send my best wishes for his speedy recovery. Please keep us posted.

  191. John V. says:

    Best fishes and break a leg! Hope this makes you laugh!

    Get well man!

    John V.

  192. Kitty Mason says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with David and you as well Jeff!
    As an EMT, I’ve found that after the terrifying excitement is over, those who have assisted in helping an injured person (esp. a friend) can suffer very anxious moments at the oddest times. David is in good hands now. It sounds like internally and most importantly his head didn’t suffer too badly and that’s good news. Being back in Canada will certainly be more comfortable and comforting to his family, although his recovery will be slow and I doubt he’ll enjoy that.
    Now it’s time for you and the others who were involved to take some time to “debrief” and keep talking until you feel comfortable. It will help with the “2nd guessing”, “what ifs”, and the inevitable anxiety that comes from seeing his accident and those terrifying moments until you reached him.
    I’m sure David, of all people, would not want you to feel anxious or like there was something you could have done to prevent it or that there was more you could have done afterwards. You did what you could and you did it right!
    Just my 2 cents worth having worked in the medical field for 15 years. David is lucky to call you and the others friends!
    I had already read his last blog post but went back and reread it in light of the circumstances. One sentence stuck out more than the others:
    “I am moved more than ever by the awareness of the brevity of life and that the fulfillment of our dreams and longings aren’t simply things that accidentally happen to us.”
    You can’t keep a good man down and I’m sure just as soon as physically possible, David will be back out living his dreams – even though as he put it :
    “It’s taken falling down and getting back up.”

  193. Best wishes for a speedy recovery David, glad you had some good friends with you to help you out. Thanks for the update Jeffery.

  194. Rich Bianchini says:


    I’m sure glad you are OK, Divid. Best of luck with getting transferred to a Canadian hospital. Take it from a Spinal Cord injured guy(motorcycle accident), you truly are VERY lucky. This could have had a far more serious conclusion. Undoubtedly, it will be a long, slow, and painful recovery, but, it sounds as though you will be able to make a 100% recovery,eventually. We will be praying for you, David. You are a breath of fresh air, and this industry needs you, David.

    Godspeed, Mate.

  195. Kurt wall says:

    Geez. We’re praying for you over here, David. Thanks for the news, Jeffrey.

  196. Mark Larsen says:

    We all are in shock with the news about David’s accident. No doubt everyone will miss his blog entries while he recovers. Has anyone thought about setting up an account that his fans could toss a few bucks into to help with medical and travel expenses?

  197. Mike Hoffman says:

    All my prayers and wishes for a safe return home and a speedy recovery for David. And that you are touched by the outpouring of love and support from all those whom you have touched in the past, who have posted here and elsewhere.

  198. Best wishes from me. I’m sure he’ll recover, and hopefully soon travel crosscountry in his little Land Rover again.

    Kind regards


  199. Pepijn says:

    He Jeffrey,

    Thanks for sharing.
    Man unbelievable, luckily David is allright.

    Get well soon David!

  200. Fernando says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with David, yourself and all the people involved at this time. Thank you for the update.

  201. Richard Saunders says:


    Thanks for letting us all know. Get well soon David, praying for you.


  202. Ray says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you David (and you too Jeff). Hope you recover real soon here in Canada…..to be back on the road again. Listen to the doctors (sometimes hard). They’ll put you back on your feet faster if you do. I hope the shot was worth it….and that you or Jeff recovered your camera. Thanks for the update.
    Take care. God bless.

  203. Krzysztof Stepien says:

    One of the most horrible news these days. Couldn’t even imagine we could loose one of the gratest teacher, mentor and source of inspiration in our photographers commuity. Keep my fingers crossed for David’s recovery, my thoughts are with him.
    Jeffrey, thanks and respect to your brave and supportive attitude.

  204. First got word on this from Scott Kelby’s blog. Thank you Jeffrey for the update, and for being there to respond. Life is a drama, no? Seeing as you are all in Italy, I will pray to St. Riccardo Pampuri for his intercession on behalf of David’s recovery and the comfort of his friends and caretakers. Be well.

  205. Jim Goshorn says:


    Very sorry to hear this. Your contributions have provided inspiration to all of us. My prayers are with you for a complete recovery so you can continue to live your dream.

  206. Very sad news. Very glad to hear that there hope for a good recovery. I very much enjoyed my time with Jeffery and David last year and wish you both the best.

  207. Ron Carroll says:

    Jeffrey, can you give us a brief update? Or is there another source where we can keep abreast of David’s progress? Thanks. rc

  208. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    David is stable enough to travel as they’ve temporarily cast both his legs and right hand. The medical evacuation team will arrive this afternoon (Wednesday Italian time) and meet with the local hospital staff to finalize transfer arrangements. Tomorrow morning, after the flight crew has rested, he’ll be flown back to Canada where he’ll have to undergo a number of surgeries. He’ll be off his feet for quite some time; so we should probably all prepare to pre-order yet another duChemin bestseller!

  209. Tim Humble says:

    Thanks for the update Jeffrey. Glad to hear David will soon be heading home to Canada. And I’m sure no-one would complain about another book :-)

  210. Anna Velkey-Solvberg says:

    Jeffrey, I just now realize the full horror of this fall from your post – and man, I am grateful that David IS alive and is now on the way of recovery… I am sure that his pain (even if not the physical) was somewhat relieved by the care and full-on support of all of you there as his friends! Thank you for that! I wish him a speedy come-back to The Dream and my prayers go out to for a safe trip back to Canada to be reunited with his family!

  211. Ron Carroll says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeffrey. It was much appreciated. Please pass along our best wishes to David for a safe journey, home and through recovery.


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  213. Ouch. Praying and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  214. Amy Schultz says:

    My prayers go out for a full recovery.
    Thanks for keeping us updated, Jeffrey. We all greatly appreciate it.

  215. ANNIE WALLACE says:

    Thanks Jeffrey for the update. Is he being transported to a Vancouver hospital? I am here this week in Vancouver if there is anything at all I can do to help.

    For David: Sorry to hear about your accident. Can’t imagine what you are going through right now but sending you cyber hugs and virtual well wishes. In the words of Lemony Snicket, “I suppose I’ll have to add the force of gravity to my list of enemies.” I’m updating my list.

    Take comfort in the words of Edward Abbey, a man who never sat still: “I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound men and women with their hearts in a safe deposit box, and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this; You will outlive the bastards.”

  216. Juan Pons says:


    So sorry to hear about your accident and glad to hear tha although you will most likely have a long and frustrating recovery, you WILL make a recovery.

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery.


  217. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    David’s fall has been reported in several papers, including front-page coverage! The “facts” in these articles are occasionally humorous. For example, one paper reports that as David was falling he realized that he didn’t wish to land on his head and with cat-like dexterity corrected his position mid-flight in order to land (more like crash actually) on his feet. It’s Ninja David! Another paper reports that David will be find 100 Euros for falling off the wall. This is a reduction from the 200 Euros that he should be charged, according to the paper. Yet another states that he should have been released from the hospital yesterday for his “light injuries” but will instead be released tomorrow. They fail to mention that his “light injuries” will require a medical evacuation flight back to Canada for numerous surgeries and months of recovery. That flight back to Canada will happen tomorrow morning (Italian time), and David is excited that it’s a Lear Jet. (Dearest David, there are easier ways to get inside a Lear Jet!)

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  219. Ivan Boden says:

    I’m a fan and I wish David a speedy and full recovery from this terrible fall.

  220. Colin says:

    I was horrified to hear of the accident. David have a speedy and full recovery mate and I hope you get home to your family and friends soon.

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  222. GDub says:

    Chin up David! Wishing you speedy recovery and many enjoyable photo experiences down the road.

  223. Gary Swann says:

    Whoa! Not good. Speedy and full recovery David.
    Like the Terminator, you’ll ‘be back’ :-)

  224. Michaela says:

    Please send my best to David! What a crazy thing to have happened, but I’m glad you were there to help him. Sending healing thoughts his way.

  225. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    There are some photos on Eli Reinholdtsen’s blog…


  226. Aaron Wulf says:

    Thanks for the update, Jeffrey. My thoughts are with David. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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  228. [...] want more info (and photographs) on the incident in Pisa, check out Jeffrey Chapman’s blog HERE or Eli Reinholdsten’s blog HERE. Huge thanks to the Italy and Croatia Within The Frame [...]

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  230. Avi Kabir says:

    David has been my inspiration and teacher I have read all his books and follow him on his blog.
    David we love you man…you ‘ll get well soon…Cause your vision is all about GETTING UP and LIVING UP dreams…!!..Warmth and love…

  231. Thanks, Jeffrey
    David we want you to recover very rapidly, God bless you!
    Take care!

  232. JohnE says:


    While I have never personally met you, you have connected with me through your blog and ebook. You have been inspiring and I wish you a speedy recovery.

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  234. Harald Kanz says:

    David it was great meeting you online and learn about your story. Very inspirational – get better soon!

    Harald Kanz

  235. Mike says:

    Jeffrey, this is a great website (I love the ‘travelling jeffrey’ map) – thanks for giving everyone the space to pass their best wishes on to David. It’s good to know that my wife and I are not alone in wishing him a speedy and full recovery.

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  237. mike says:

    Sooo sorry to hear about this. His books are a real inspirapion. Wish him well

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