March Update
March 16th, 2011

Inle Lake — Shan State, Burma/Myanmar

My apologies for leaving the blog in the hands of crickets recently. I’ve been extremely busy (a good thing) and am just back from a trip to Thailand and Burma (plus there was all that insurance nonsense and replenishing of gear post-Ecuador). At any rate, I’m back (albeit somewhat briefly), and here are a few quick updates.

Back in February, Alex Masi was announced as the Focus for Humanity 2011 NGO Assignment Fellowship recipient. At the time I didn’t have the opportunity to blog about it, but just in case anybody missed that announcement please do take some time to visit Alex’s site by clicking here. Also, a bit earlier in the year (in January) I had the opportunity to meet with Focus for Humanity 2011 Foundation Fellow Melanie Blanding and FFH co-founder (photographer and friend) Marco Ryan (as well as one of the FFH board members, who turned out to be absolutely delightful) in New York City. I’m absolutely thrilled with the first two fellowships awarded by FFH. I can’t say enough, nor thank Marco enough, for brainstorming this initiative and then doing the much harder part of actually making it happen. Everybody who knows Marco knows that he does a thousand things at once, and, seemingly miraculously, he manages to do them all extremely well. My sincerest compliments (and thanks) to Marco, Alex and Melanie. If anybody has managed to not hear about Focus for Humanity, then please take the time to visit the site by clicking here. I’m extremely proud to be on the FFH Advisory Council with respected friends and peers.

Another organization for photographers that began last year is the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers. I’m a member of the IGVP Guild and am curating the Visual Peacemakers’ first photography book. The deadline for submissions is March 22nd, and you can find more information by clicking here. Quite a few images have already been submitted, but I have resisted the urge to look at them as I don’t wish to be unduly influenced by the early submissions. That is, I don’t want those images to set the stage for what I might expect of subsequent submissions. So I’m very much looking forward to the deadline so that I can begin reviewing images! I hope that you will take the time to find (up to) five of your images to submit.

At 7pm on May 25th, I will be giving a presentation at the Columbia University Faculty House in Manhattan (64 Morningside Drive) for the Crossroads Cultural Center on “What photography can reveal about humanity” along with Phil Bicker (Creative Director at Magnum, Creative Director at The Fader and Associate Photo Editor for Time). The event is open to the public; so if you’re in the area, please consider stopping by. It would be good to see you there. And if you do follow my blog and show up, please find the time to introduce yourself (if we haven’t already met; you can still say “hi” if we’ve already met!).

While traveling in northwestern Thailand along the border with Burma a few weeks ago I made a couple of new friends and came across a project that I really, really like (for a number of reasons but I won’t mention them just yet). It’s a one-person operation based in a small jungle village on the Thai-Burma border. In fact, you can see Burma from that one-person’s room in an orphanage. She expressed a need for a bit of help with her website; so I thought that I’d see if I could perhaps find somebody. Enter twitter. I sent out a single tweet—with barely any information, and an outstanding photographer, who works professionally in web design, offered to help. I love this community! I’m not going to mention the project, nor the people involved, for the moment, but I suspect that you’ll be hearing more about this project and those involved in this blog in the future.

David duChemin and I still have a couple of spots open for our Oaxaca Within The Frame photographic adventure in Mexico this autumn. This will be the last of 2011 and the only one that isn’t currently sold out. More details by clicking here.

As I mentioned, I’m just back from Thailand and Burma, where I was working on a project. I can’t go into the details of that project nor show any of those images yet, but I will have more to say and images to show about this trip in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it’s great to be back!

8 Responses to “March Update”

  1. jilske says:

    Thanks for the link to Alex’ website!
    Do you have to be an IGVP member to be considered for the project? It’ll be interesting to find the themes in the submissions, curious to see the result.

    PS: picture is beautiful, even recognize the dust, still have to learn how to clean my camera ;)

  2. Mark Olwick says:

    Great to have you back, Jeffrey. Thanks for the update.


  3. CJ Kern says:

    Nice to have you back Jeffery. Your Columbia University presentation sounds interesting. Do we need to register for it?

  4. Anna Velkey-Solvberg says:

    Long awaited update with so many exciting news – can hardly wait for the details…

  5. Jeffrey Chapman says:

    Jilske, you do need to be an IGVP member to contribute to the IGVP member’s photography book. :-) Fortunately, membership can be free.

    CJ, no registration. You just show up full of enthusiasm to applaud whenever I’ve filled the room with an uncomfortable silence! You are not, however, under any circumstances to offer me a gin and tonic before I begin! Don’t think that I’ve forgotten your ways! :-)

  6. Rosa says:

    Great to have you back. Can’t wait to see your images from Thailand and Burma.

  7. Janat Horn says:

    Hi Jeffrey!

    I look forward to hearing your talk at Columbia! Please remind us as the date gets closer.

  8. CJ Kern says:


    I plan on being there, flask in hand! :-)

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