The Pier
September 30th, 2010

Koh Samet Thailand

"The Pier" — Koh Samet, Thailand

This, by now, mythical pier, near the southern end of the island of Koh Samet in the Gulf of Thailand, defies gravity, wind, common sense and all concepts of logic. It’s an ad-hoc assemblage of driftwood and found objects. It’s thatched-covered platform protrusions are serenely served from the Apache Grill by a young Khmer with Hollywood sunglasses but a Thai smile. It’s a place to linger. And then linger some more. I’m going to miss it — until I come back!

The other night I photographed the pier from the north side at water level, from the south side at water level and then from right down the center. Above is the center photograph. It was a lot of fun. I could photograph just this pier for days — if not for all the interruptions of jumping off the pier, eating pad thai with shrimp, green curry with shrimp, some Thai-word noodles with shrimp, chili and basil stir-fry with shrimp, reading, writing, thinking, and, well, just enjoying being. A lot of just enjoying being…looking out from the pier and thinking, “Wow, so here I am. Who would have thought?” I could easily conclude with “lucky me”, but this isn’t mine. This is all of ours. Lucky us!

10 Responses to “The Pier”

  1. Great photograph Jeffrey! May your beer be cold and your pad thai cooked to the appropriate temperate.

  2. sabrina says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the pier with us and making it “ours”. One day I will be there and hopefully with you and Silvia, and David.

    Safe travels to Kathmandu!

  3. Matt Welsh says:

    Beautiful shot Jeffrey! Thanks for sharing it – I’m completely jealous of your view :)

  4. Danilo says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Beautiful and evocative photo … as always. Keep well.

  5. [...] Lincoln Park and by the end of the day we were out on the beach… where we found our version of the Koh Samet (or Kho Samed?) pier. And that’s your desktop wallpaper for this [...]

  6. Matt Brandon says:

    I enjoyed both the words and the photo. Well shot and well written.

  7. Andrew Gould says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to be, and this is such as a beautifully presented image.

  8. Radek says:

    Now there is the view i would love to enjoy for real some day…

    So jealous !!

  9. Deborah says:

    Beautiful shot!

  10. Craig says:


    I visited this place (I think this is it) and have been trying to find the name of the guest house/bungalows and restaurant where this is located before I travel to Koh Samet (planning to go this coming weekend). Is this at Apache?

    Thanks for any help.

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