Postcard from Koh Samet
September 28th, 2010

Photo credit: David duChemin (with my little G11 in far less than ideal conditions; silliness: mostly my fault).

I write from the veranda of my and David’s (you know, duChemin, the “Conquistador of Light”) summer beach bungalow for the week. It doesn’t suck. Not at all.

On Sunday a speed boat dropped us off on the beach of our very nice (and prepaid) resort on the island of Koh Samet (let’s call that “home” for the week), but, well, then on Monday we saw the place that would become our other, second home. So we rented it too. It’s now our vacation home from our vacation home. While I feel decidedly decadent about having two beach-front properties for the week, I think that I can still live with myself. If not, there’s still cold beer and pad thai to console me! :-)

Instead of being in a building that is virtually on the beach (the property was but our room wasn’t), we’re in one that has nothing between us and the water except for our hammock and our driftwood swing. And from our little veranda, with its rather random driftwood railing, we can see the pier that is like our third home on the island. Both David and Gavin (Gough, of course) have already posted photos of that pier in past years. If I manage to take a break from swimming, beer, pad thai and a whole lot of doing nothing (well, OK, occasional reading), then perhaps I’ll endeavor to capture my own vision of the pier. No guarantees there as I’m enjoying doing nothing on the veranda as well as jumping off the pier, which truly has more character than any pier I’ve seen anywhere – in the world. In fact, in large part I love this island for that pier. We have breakfast on it. We jump and swim off of it. We have lunch on it. We read on it. Etc. In fact, calling it a pier sort of devalues it; it’s more of a magical walkway of wonder suspended above the sea! I also love this place for our little veranda on the water. Oh, and then there’s the crystal-clear turquoise water that is almost too warm for our periodic swims, the wonderful food, and the complete lack of tourists. (We counted twelve, ourselves included, yesterday; today it seems that there are fewer.) This is not what one could call suffering. This is paradise. I promise to enjoy it for all of you! :-)

Next week (and the one after) David and I will be in Nepal for Kathmandu Within The Frame (really looking forward to that!). The way we see it, we owe it to our participants to be well-rested when we arrive in Nepal. So we’re working with extreme dedication and diligence at being as well-rested as humanely possible, and, well, if we happen to enjoy ourselves in the process…that’s not our fault.

For those of you about to depart to meet us in Kathmandu…happy travels. For the rest of you, do yourselves a favor and start planning a holiday to Koh Samet sooner rather than later. I have the phone number for our bungalow. (So just ask; they have no website.) It’s where you want to stay. Trust me. Just don’t try to book it for when I plan on being here as I’m definitely coming back, hopefully with my lovely wife (whom I miss enormously). In that case you’re welcome in one of the adjacent bungalows. (I also know a great place in Koh Tao should anyone prefer a different island.)

OK, I’ve been absent from doing nothing for far too long in order to write this post. So back to doing nothing I go. Cheers.

7 Responses to “Postcard from Koh Samet”

  1. I see that David couldn’t help it and told you his new title of “Conquistador”, just make sure you take a picture of him wearing his his new t-shirt!
    Have a great time, you are making all of jealous!

  2. Mark Olwick says:

    I definitely want that phone number Jeffrey. Sounds perfect!

    Safe travels and good light.


  3. Now that looks tempting. And considering flights from Taipei to Bangkok are around $100 return at the moment, I just need to convince my wife’s boss to give her a few days off.

  4. Lisa O says:

    Sounds and looks like great fun!

  5. Ed says:

    Jealousy! We didn’t make it to the Thailand beach part of our honeymoon in Nov/Dec 2008 due to the protests at the airport in Bangkok and instead re-routed from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville in Cambodia. It worked out for the best in the end but a trip back to the beaches in this part of the world is still on our list. Have a great time for the rest of it there and in Kathmandu! Send my best to David too.

  6. I’m not jealous at all, in fact, I pity the both of you, they don’t serve Negronis there. ;)

  7. Franck says:

    Do I envy you?? Well,….. yes!
    I would love to get the phone number of this wonderful place. It will give me hope that I can go there soon and makes the reading of this post much more fun :-)

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