Come, Walk With Me
June 17th, 2010

Armory Square - Syracuse, NY

Armory Square - Syracuse, NY

(Before you get excited… that’s NOT me in the photo. Sorry! But if that’s you, then please join us!)

What do you do when two things you really want to do end up happening at the same time? Well, if you tend to be a bit greedy like me, then you try to avoid having to choose between them.

Last December I taught two photo workshops (lectures/discussions really) for The Stand’s Journalism Workshop series at the South Side Innovation Center in Syracuse, NY. At the time they asked me if I’d be willing to return this summer to lead a photo walk/workshop in the South Side, a less than affluent area of Syracuse. Sounded great to me (as this is a well-organized group, backed by Syracuse University); so I agreed. (The Innovation Center is also a great facility.)

For the last two years I have participated in the Kelby Photo Walk in Syracuse, organized by the always jovial and extremely enthusiastic amateur photographer Julie MacConnell. She does a great job. (The photo above was taken on the 2008 photo walk in Syracuse.)

Well, it turned out that both events were happening at the same time. So I’ve avoided having to choose; we’re going to combine them! A Kelby Photo Walk is now integrated into the The Stand’s photo workshop. (And Julie is going to take a break from organizing and come as a participant, but I do hope to put at least her enthusiasm to work!) You don’t have to attend the workshop in order to participate in the Kelby Photo Walk, but I really hope that you’ll come and participate in both.

This is how it is going to work (at least in theory!). We’re going to meet at the South Side Innovation Center on the morning of July 24th. At 10am I will provide a few tips, suggestions, etc. for how to approach the photo walk. Cameras will be made available to those who wish to attend but who don’t have their own cameras. Yes, you read that right. You can come without a camera and The Stand will lend you a camera (while supplies last). Any camera will do. This isn’t just for those with fancy-pansy (did I really just type that?) cameras. Bring your point-and-shoot, your camera phone… heck, bring a pencil and a sketchpad or a guitar! However you wish to capture the spirt of the South Side works for me. (In fact, the title of this post comes from a poem; anybody know it? Anybody want to write a poem about the South Side?) Then at 10:30-ish we’ll begin the Photo Walk, which will last about two hours. (That 10:30 might be optimistic, but it depends on how quickly I speak and how quickly you listen.) I’ll be available for the duration of the photo walk to answer any questions, provide any assistance, etc. Then we’ll break for lunch. (I don’t know yet where that will occur as I don’t know the South Side area well – nor am I from Syracuse, but Ahsley Hanry, The Stand Director, is going to be integral in the process of choosing the route and suggesting lunch places. Those items we’ll let you know as we get closer to the 24th.) After lunch, which I should point out is not included, we’ll meet back at the South Side Innovation Center where we will upload photos to Flickr and have an image review (purely optional). This will likely conclude around 3-4pm-ish. If that’s too early for a beer, then I’ll wait for you at the bar! :-) Well, some of these times might be optimistic. I plan on lingering as long as necessary.

Some of the images from this walk will be published in The Stand. There is also a prize associated with the Kelby Photo Walk (registration required to be eligible to win).

This is appropriate for photographers of all levels. No experience necessary. Just bring a winning attitude! (Experienced, professional, etc. photographers are also very welcome, particularly if you’re willing to help those with less experience.) All of this (except your lunch) is available to you for the outrageous price of FREE. Beat that!

You can sign up for this photo walk here:

You can learn more about The Stand here:

If you’re not in this area (Central New York), then I’m sorry you read all the way down to this point. However, there are photo walks happening all over the world on the 24th. There’s probably one happening near you. If not, then why not organize your own?

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  1. Julie says:

    I can’t wait for this year’s photowalk! We will have a great time and learn something new and great about this wonderful and unique part of our city. I will also offer to post any photos attendees want to share on our radio station website (Hot107.9, Y94FM, Power106.9 and 570WSYR. Sharing the beauty of the city, as seen through new eyes is so excting!

  2. * says:

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