Italy Within The Frame Review
June 8th, 2010

Vernazza, Italy

Vernazza, Italy

I was preparing, a tad belatedly, to write a review of the Italy Within The Frame workshop, but I thought that perhaps it really isn’t my place to review it. I certainly have my impressions of how it went, and anybody who follows this blog, reads my tweets or notices my facebook updates will already know that I had a blast. It was an amazing group of people in a place that I love. That’s a combination that’s rather hard to beat, yet one does have to throw photo opportunities, learning, logistics, group dynamics, etc. into the mix as this wasn’t just a gathering of friends for lunch (although I did find myself surrounded by a great group of new friends everyday at lunch! And dinner!).

Some of the participants have sent me feedback as well as suggestions. Their suggestions will be incorporated into future workshops. In the meantime, I’ll share some of the feedback that they graciously provided. This is what they’ve had to say…

The trip was more than I could have imagined… I’m still amazed at how much I learned from Jeffrey and David, from the group, and from the process itself… So many things that Jeffrey and David taught us I had previously read in books, but, they never really made sense until you put them into practice… I always thought that IWTF would be both a great learning experience and a vacation and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. I learned things that will help my photography forever, I made some new friends and enjoyed being in Italy. My only hope is that my wife will let me do something like this again!
- Jeffrey Fielding (San Francisco, USA)

You are a great team!… I started to save money for the next Within-The-Frame-Tour! ;-)
- Jens Stachowitz (Dortmund, Germany)

I did not quite know what to expect when I signed up for the workshop, but I had learned so much from the book “Within The Frame”, which was the inspiration for Jeffrey and David’s workshop, that I figured it could only get better. It did! In particular, I learned a lot from the image discussions in the afternoons. There were a lot of surprises when I saw how others had chosen to interpret the same scenes I had also photographed. David and Jeffrey also gave us great go out and shoot this or that tasks. What I had not anticipated was how well-knit we would be, how much I would enjoy the company of the group, how many interesting conversations we would have – about both photography and other things – and that I would bring home a new set of great friends for life.
- Eli Reinholdtsen (Oslo, Norway)

…the workshop could have been held in Omaha and I still would have wanted to attend. The fact it was in a great place in one of my favorite countries was an added bonus… I very much enjoyed Jeffery’s and David’s company, leadership and instruction.
- Robert Ardinger (Kansas City, USA)

I liked the group, got many good pictures and like Italy a lot.
- Sander van Hulsenbeek (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

I think both Jeffrey and David have a way of connecting to people that makes them comfortable and at ease. Having an informal approach and always a smile, goes a long way. I definitely would recommend your workshop to any of my friends.
- Luciano Teghillo (Bari, Italy)

Seldom do a group of strangers gel so quickly and so effectively. Much of this is testament to the thought and preparation that both Jeffrey and David had put into the workshop and its success is largely due to the wonderful balance that the two of them provide between informality and structure both photographically and personally. You cannot fail to eat well, drink well and have fun on a trip led by David and Jeffrey and more importantly your photography journey will take unexpected twists and turns, the vision always getting brighter, the craft always getting stronger. A magical and unforgettable experience.
- Marco Ryan (Cairo, Egypt)

For me it was a perfect week.
- Rosa Macías (Tenerife, Spain)

So, that’s what they (very kindly) have had to say about Italy Within The Frame. David duChemin and I still have a couple of spots open for Kathmandu Within The Frame this October. We’d love to have you join us. Yes, (well, maybe :-) ) you!

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  1. don says:

    Sounds like an amazing workshop. Often times its the people that make up a workshop and not so much the location. I hope all the people the attended stay in contact and keep working together to improve.

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