Eli Reinholdtsen’s “Folk”
June 1st, 2010

So I excluded Eli, myself and duplicate comments (ie, one chance each), entered the total into a random number generator and… drum roll, please… the winner is Maria T Michelangeli. (Maria send me an email with an address, and we’ll get the book and print to you as soon as possible. However, a modicum of patience may be in order as both are currently in Norway, and I have no idea where you might be.)

Now, if that’s not you, and let’s be honest, it’s not most of you, then don’t despair. Eli’s book is still available for purchase. Click here and buy it now.

David duChemin, who wrote the forward for Folk, recently called it “my favorite photography book right now!” Mine too. There’s lots of cookie-cutter stuff out there. Mountains of it. This book is something different. It’s worth buying. And I know that every time one of you purchases a copy that Eli jumps up and down in excitement. OK, truth be told, Eli often just jumps up and down for the fun of it, but I know that she definitely loves sharing her work. She’s thrilled at the reception that her book is receiving. And she deserves every bit of praise that she’s received.

After you’ve bought Folk and had a chance to absorb it, reach out to Eli and let her know your thoughts. I bet she’d love that even more than selling copies of her book. (But do buy her book – unless, of course, you don’t like great photo books!)

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  1. Lunch break in Oslo and who’d thought I’d be the first to comment! Congratulations, Maria!

    And I am delighted how many comments you guys have written!

    The image above, which is the cover image on the book of course, was taken on a camera club excursion.

    The red fabric or paper is behind a window, where the white windows and the man across the mall is reflected. (Did that make sense?) He was actually sleeping in the doorway :-) When I tried to call my fellow photographers to come back and be models, they didn’t hear me. But it woke him up. He wasn’t very tall so he fitted the frame perfectly :-)

    Lesson learned from that day was to set the focus point on the reflection.

  2. sabrina says:

    Congratulations Maria! So pleased that someone I know won the book and print.

    Thanks Jeffrey for the contest and introducing people to Eli’s work. Now I’m off to get my own copy of the book.

  3. WOW!!! Thank you!! Looking forward to get it!!

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